Conservative Organizing on College Campuses

Social movement scholars have known for some time that students, and particularly college students, play an important role in modern social movements.  Yet the full extent of conservative mobilizing, both today and in the past, is frequently overlooked.  Developing out of my work on the pro-life movement more generally, this research examines the critical role college campuses have played in the rise of the conservative movement in the United States over the last forty years.  Empirically this research documents the extensive efforts and considerable success of conservative organizing around the abortion issue on college campuses.  Theoretically, the research further develops the concept of transition points, an idea I originally introduced in my book, to help explain the mechanisms responsible for the long-standing finding that college students form an important core of many social movements.

Results from this work are presented in "Mobilizing on Campus: Conservative Movements and Today's College Students" (Sociological Forum 25(4), 2010: 769-786).

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